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The independent Investment Committee makes the investment decisions.

The Investment Committee consists of proven, independent financial experts. It takes final decisions on proposals submitted to it by the team of investment managers, subject to such conditions as it sees fit. Investment regulations are in force to guide the work of the Investment Committee.

Andreas Koopmann


Andreas N. Koopmann has been a member of the Board of Directors and member of the Risk Committee of Credit Suisse Group AG since 2009. From 1982 to 2009, he occupied senior positions at Bobst Group S.A. Lausanne, one of the world's leading suppliers of products and services for the packaging industry. 

Among other positions, he was the company's CEO from 1995 until May 2009 and a member of its Board of Directors from 1998 to 2002. Andreas Koopmann has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the IMD, Lausanne. 

In 2012, Andreas Koopmann was appointed Chairman of Georg Fischer Ltd. Since 2003, Mr. Koopmann has been a member of the Board of Directors of Nestlé, its 1st Vice-Chairman and a member of the Chairman’s and Corporate Governance Committee. Moreover, Andreas Koopmann is a member of the Board of Directors of the CSD Group, a leading Swiss engineering and consulting firm. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Sonceboz SA, a world-leading SME in the development and production of micro-electric motors mainly for the automotive industry. Over many years he has shown his commitment to Switzerland's place as an industrial center through his work on the managing bodies of Swissmem, the Swiss federation for the mechanical and electrical engineering industries. 

Carole Ackermann


Carole Ackermann is the CEO and co-founder of the private associated company Diamondscull AG, which invests in start-up companies in the fields of medicine, high-tech, and information and communication technology. She has over 20 years of international and intercultural management experience from being on the Executive Boards of SMEs and large enterprises.

As a member of the Board of Directors at Allianz Schweiz, Plaston Holding AG, WMP Wealth Management, and SwissTXT, she has experience in strategy, nomination and compensation committees – always with an enthusiasm for employees and innovation. 

Previously, she was a consultant and manager at Interbrand and Arthur Andersen and also director of Marketing and Investor Relations at Saurer. As director for Corporate Development, she provided support for a management buyout with private equity investors and subsequently took over the responsibility for the medical department and China. She brings this experience with her as president of Business Angels Switzerland, co-president of Angel for Ladies, and member of the Board of Directors at be-advanced, a Bern-based innovation promotion agency. 

Carole Ackermann graduated from the University of St. Gallen with a doctorate in management; she has been a lecturer in management and integration projects there since 2003.

Richard Fritschi


Richard Fritschi is Board of Director at multiple private and public companies. He started his career with Luwa AG working between London and Paris. After the army services, he continued his studies at the Swiss Institute for Economy in Zürich and later attended an advanced management program called “The General Manager” at the Harvard Business School.

In 1991, Richard joined ALLO PRO, a SULZERMEDICA company, as Financial controller.

In 1992, he was promoted to Vice President Finance and then as General Manager Global Sales in 1998. SULZERMEDICA changed the name to CENTERPULSE and Richard was appointed in 2001 as President for Europe, Asia and Latin America. In 2003, the US Group ZIMMER acquired CENTERPULSE and Richard became President for Europe and Australasia.

From 2006 - 2011 Richard was appointed as the CEO of Ypsomed generating $300 million in sales with over 1200 employees.

Heinz Herren


Heinz Herren is Head of the IT, Network & Infrastructure division and a member of the Group Executive Board of Swisscom. He has an HTL degree in electrical engineering and over 20 years of industry experience in domestic and international companies. Mr. Herren has worked for Swisscom since 2001. 

He was the head of marketing at Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale Services until 2005. From 2005 to 2010, he headed the SME division. Since 2011, he has been the Head of the IT, Network & Infrastructure division, which builds, operates, and develops Swisscom's nationwide fixed-line and mobile communications infrastructure. The division is also responsible for the corresponding IT platforms and is in charge of migrating the networks to an integrated IT and IP-based platform.

Thomas W. Jung


Thomas W. Jung studied economics at the University of St. Gallen. He received his master's degree in 1992 and went on to join what is now known as the Airbus Group in Munich, Hamburg, and Amsterdam. 

In 1996, Mr. Jung acquired the Acutronic Group, which is based in Switzerland and the US. Acutronic is the world leader in the production of flight motion simulators used in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industry. He gave up his majority stake in 2015 as part of a succession solution and continues to focus on investments in the high-tech segment in Switzerland and abroad. Thomas W. Jung also develops real estate projects through his Olten-based firm, Giroud Olma AG. 

Gabriela Kleiner


Gabriela Kleiner is the legal owner and CEO of healthy & snacky ag. Since 2006, snacky has been the leading Swiss specialist for untreated snacks and drinks in the area of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

After completing various education programs in the area of marketing and sales, as well as her MBA from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, Ms. Kleiner held a number of different management positions in the field of business development, mostly in the food industry.

From 1996 to 2004, she was a member of the executive board at Hiestand Interna-tional AG (today Aryzta) with a team of around 200 employees and responsibility for the evaluation, establishment, and development of new markets such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, UK, and US. Ms. Kleiner was also a leading member and representative of the steering committee for the IPO of Hiestand, with responsibility for internationalization strategy.

Today, she also serves on the board of directors at other companies.


Toni Neuhaus


Since 2011, Toni Neuhaus has been head of a team in the area of corporate succession in Corporate and Investment Banking at Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd., dealing with the complex succession cases of Swiss corporate clients. He has more than 20 years of experience as an investment banker, eight years of which he spent as head of Corporate Finance at Credit Suisse in Switzerland. Since 2012, he has accompanied more than 300 Swiss SMEs in implementing succession arrangements. 

Toni Neuhaus studied law at the University of Bern and earned his license to practice law in Bern in 1984.

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Private investments by IC members in affiliated companies of SVC Ltd. are generally possible, provided there has been prior approval by the Board of Directors (or the Chairman of the Board of Directors).

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